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How to become a helper

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1 How to become a helper on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:23 pm


Note: There is no application process. New helpers are chosen based on need and staff recommendation.

First, I will explain what NOT to do:

How NOT to become a helper

1. Spamming the forums/chat asking how to become a helper will NOT get you to be a helper.
2. Getting a high level NOT get you to be a helper.
3. Complaining that you are qualified and should have become a helper already will NOT get you to be a helper.
4. Sending PMs to the other staff begging for helper status will NOT get you to be a helper.
5. Being a mini-moderator and telling people off in the forums/chat for breaking the rules will NOT get you to be a helper.
6. Responding to every introduction thread with a link to the rules will NOT get you to be a helper.
7. Being a troll on the forums or on the chat will NOT get you to be a helper.

Now. Helpful suggestions on how you might POSSIBLY be asked to be a helper.

1. Read the Site, Submission, and Chat rules and do your best to follow them.
2. Be active on the forums. Post new topics, make them ON topic and interesting. Put them in the proper forum sections. Don't swear, troll or otherwise be a jerk.
3. When people ask for help, offer help if you can. Don't point and laugh, no matter how dumb YOU think the question is. Everyone started as a n00b once.
4. If you notice a post is breaking one of the rules, report the post using the report button. Don't post a whole new topic on how someone is breaking the rules and do not post in the topic saying "reported" just report and leave.
5. Be respectful of everyone, moderators and other users. Don't participate in flame wars

The above suggestions WILL get you noticed by the staff. New helper are chosen based on need and helper recommendations. The best way to get recommendations is to do the above things, not by asking to become one.

I hope that clears up the process of how new helper are chosen!

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