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How to submit a ticket properly

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1 How to submit a ticket properly on Fri May 02, 2014 6:16 pm


As you know, our site works in tickets that you post as new forum threads in each section. Well, to post a ticket, you need to use a template. These templates will be listed below.

General help ticket template:
Type of problem:
How often does this happen:
Any comments:

Plugin help ticket template:
Plugin name:
When do you want this done:
Any comments:

Modpack help ticket template:
Modpack name:
Any comments:

Building help ticket template:
Building's purpose:
No. of people working at it at the moment:
Building style:
Pics of what is already done:
Should this be done in Singleplayer by our builders or Multiplayer in your server:
Any comments:

Below you have some examples of these ticket templates being completed

General help ticket example:
Type of problem: Server not starting up
Details: I try to start up my home-hosted server, but I can't. It gives me -insert error code here- error.
How often does this happen: Every time I try to launch my server.
Any comments: I hope it isn't a major problem.

Plugin help ticket example:
Plugin name: PremissionsEX
Problem: Prefixes not showing up
Details: There's a problem with the prefixes. All prefixes don't work except the Owner's and Admin's
Any comments: N/A

Modpack help ticket example:
Modpack name: Hexxit
Platform: Techinc
Problem: Players can't join my server.
Details: Every time a player tries to join my server, it gives them this -insert error code here- error.
Any comments: I haven't changed anything at all in the modpack.

Building help ticket example:
Building's purpose: Hunger Games lobby
No. of people working at it at the moment: Only me
Building style: Medieval
Pics of what is already done: -insert pics here-
Should this be done in Singleplayer by our builders or Multiplayer in your server: Multiplayer, in my server.
Any comments:I am willing to pay.

Note that in the tickets you post, you should ALWAYS use proper grammar. At least you shouldn't write like "i haz da prob wit da zerver, plz help, im n00b at this". Also, please don't use swearing. Now, time for Q&A:

Q:Where do I post tickets?
A:You post tickets in the forum sections, depending on your type of problem.

Q:How much time would you need to respond?
A:We try to post a solution to your problem as soon as we can. The longest waiting time will be 1 day.

Q:Is payment an obligation?
A:Nope, even though if you pay, it helps us get bigger and better.

Hope this guide helps you post good tickets.

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